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4 Best Canoe Trailers

Canoe Trailer

If you are searching for the best canoe trailer, then you are in the right place. We have mentioned the best canoe trailers you can find in the market that offer plenty of features and specs. So, read the article to learn more about them.

Yakima EasyRider High Trailer 2021

The first canoe trailer on our list is Yakima Easy Rider. It offers you a trailer that has the widest heavy-duty bars and two different levels. Moreover, you can carry almost 500lb at a time without worrying about any damage. The best part of this trailer is that you can use it for several purposes. Whether you have a canoe or kayak, it can help you transport it from your house to the river. You can even place a bunch of bikes, cargo boxes, and paddleboards at a time.

It is an ideal choice if you want to mount it on your SkyRise rooftop. As it has heavy-duty crossbars, you can use any universal Yakima mount for it. This trailer also comes with a smart handle that allows you to use it as a handcart. You don’t need to worry about replacing this trailer as it comes with an aluminum construction that is not only light and strong but also gives you durability. Most importantly, you can also take advantage of its one-year warranty.

Yakima Rack and Roll 78 Trailer 2021

This is another Yakima Rack canoe trailer that you can purchase to transport your gear in style and comfort. People who find it challenging to place the rack on their car’s roof need to purchase this trailer. Yakima Rack and Roll 78 makes the moving, connection, and storing process much easier than you can imagine. It has lightweight yet offers you strong and durable construction because of its aluminum composition. The best part is that it looks classy and stylish when you fix it behind your car, SUV, or truck.

Moreover, this trailer is perfect for I, II, and III classes hitches when you attach a 2” sized ball with it. This trailer also comes with a 4 light vehicle connector that helps you attach this canoe with your vehicle easily. This trailer is also best in terms of its high-performance shock feature that offers four inches of wheel travel and cushions your gear. If theft is your main concern, then you can take advantage of its locking levers that come with keys. You can also remove the tongue and wheels in seconds so that you can easily store them in any compact place.

Trailex Single Boat Light-Duty Trailer

This single Boat Trailer offers easy and simple transport of kayak, canoe, and other boats that are 22 ft long. It has lightweight, but you can easily carry items weighing up to 3590lbs. The spring suspension allows you to transport your boats without any trouble due to road bumps and shock. If you have any small vehicle, you can also toe this canoe trailer with it safely and secretly. Additionally, this trailer also comes with bunk cradles that allow you to place any size of the hull, from vee to flat hulls.

To fit this trailer on your vehicle, you can easily adjust its rollers, bunks, and axle completely. As it has relatively lightweight, you can also use it as a launch trolley. When you purchase this trailer, you will also get some essential accessories. It includes a safety chain, submersible taillights, rear loading roller, fenders, and lift handle. Its design and shape are simple and straightforward, but still, it looks amazing when you fit it with your vehicle. Another thing is that you can carry more than one canoe at a time.

Malone EcoLight Base Trailer

This is the last trailer on our list, and like other trailers, it also offers you some amazing features. Malone EcoLight Base Trailer comes with 8” high-speed tires. Another unique feature is that these tires contain molded fenders and powder coated wheels. Moreover, this trailer also offers you 14 gauge steel load bars that are 58” wide. This way, you can easily carry more than one canoe without worrying about falling and damages. Malone Ecolight also comes with a lift handle with a 2” reliever, skid plate, and four-pin connectors that make the loading, carrying, and transporting process significantly easier.

When it comes to its carrying ability, you can place more than 400lb weight on it. This trailer also supports a speed of around 65MPH, which allows you to drive your vehicle pretty fast. Because of its lightweight and durable construction, it has a long lifespan. You can say that it is a lifetime investment, as you don’t need to purchase a trailer for a long time. The design and shape are also classy, making it great to carry your beautiful canoes.

Wrap Up

These are some best canoe trailers you can find in the market. Make sure to purchase the one that suits your preferences and requirements. If you want to carry a great amount of weight at a time, it’s best to pick a trailer that has the ability to hold that much weight.

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