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Best Kayak Paddles for 2021

Best Kayak Paddles

Kayaking is a water sport that needs excellent equipment and tools so that you can have control while paddling on the river, lakes, or other types of water. The better tools you have, the better experience you will get from your kayaking. This is why you need the best kayak paddles if you want to enjoy a pleasant and delightful experience.

And yes, of course, the paddle you are choosing for you must have some essential features and specs so that you don’t get into any trouble while you are in the water. For this reason, we have mentioned the best kayak paddles for 2021, from which you can choose a suitable one for you.

Field & Stream Chute Aluminum Kayak Paddle

field & stream chute aluminum kayak paddleThis Field and Stream Chute Aluminum Kayak Paddle is one of the best for young paddlers. This is because its designs and composition are specifically made to help the newbie paddlers to get the perfect first paddling experience. Apart from this, the Chute Aluminum paddles are pretty easy and efficient to use, and you will notice immense control on your paddling. Additionally, the high-quality two-piece aluminum shaft offers you an asymmetrical blade with left-hand blade adjustment and offset right and right-hand indexing. The best part is first-time paddlers can easily manage to maintain a better grip because of its rubber drip ring.

As these paddles promote young paddlers, their size is also suitable. You can use it for kayaking, recreational activities, touring, and anything which comes to your mind. Not to mention, even when you become a professional paddler, it will still remain on your side because of its durability. Fortunately, this paddle has a long life span. Lastly, the weight is not too much that you can’t handle on your own, which is 2.27 lbs.

Carlise Youth Saber Kayak Paddle

best kayak paddlesHere comes another best kayak paddle on our list. This Kayak Paddle from Carlise Youth Saber offers you numerous features and specs that help you get the most out of your kayaking experience. As of its name, this paddle empowers your kid to paddle their kayak easily and effectively.

You don’t need to worry, as your child can surely handle the kayak and paddle together. This is because its design, style, size, and compositions help the young paddlers without using too much strength. Moreover, this paddle is downsized and easy to maneuver, so the small hands can firmly grab these paddles with every stroke.

So, if your little one has a love for paddling, you need to equip your water sports enthusiast with this paddle. Additionally, this Carlise Youth Saber has a lightweight of 31 oz so that your child can easily use it. The polypropylene blade is another feature that helps paddlers to keep going further on their kayak fast. It also has an aluminum shaft, which makes it durable and tough to use, and lowers the risk of damages.

Body Glove Wooden Slider Kayak Paddle

body glove wooden slider kayak paddleGet ready for this kayaking season with this Wooden Slider Kayak Paddle, as it is one of the excellent paddles from Body Glove you can find in the market. Wondering why? This is because it offers an adjustable paddling system, which means you can adjust it according to your preferences. Moreover, it also features a unique and innovative positioning system that allows you to adjust 60-degree blade rotation. Besides that, you can also adjust the length between 220 cm and 240 cm. You will surely get surprised with its features, as Body Glove has done its best to allow paddlers to enjoy their kayaking experience as much as they can.

If you want to store it in a compact place, don’t worry; you can easily split this paddle into three pieces. It allows you to conveniently store it or take it on your trip in your small luggage in the car. This paddle is perfect for those who want to feel the joy of different paddling styles. To help you achieve excellent paddling strokes, it comes with asymmetrical blades. So, if you are looking for a complete package in terms of the kayak paddles, then go for this paddle.

Advanced Elements Attack Whitewater Kayak Paddle

best kayak paddlesThe Advanced Element Attack Whitewater Kayak paddles are another option you have to get into an adventurous water trip. As the name suggests, it is specifically designed to use when kayaking on whitewater. Thus, it comes with some excellent features and spaces. The first and most acknowledgeable feature is its ultra-light paddle. It helps you keep control even in a high class of rapids. Fortunately, it is also pretty rigid and tough to endure the strong waves of lakes and rivers.

You can also easily take it on a long trip by dividing it into two pieces for storage. Its complete carbon constructions help you get the lightest paddler on earth and offer you extremely high quality and durability. Among all these amazing features, its asymmetrical dihedral or carbon fiber blade is also something you can’t get from other types of paddles. It has a blade angle of 60 degrees, and this paddle also gives you RHC and LHC features. Lastly, you may also want to know that manufacturers offer you one year warranty against defects and material. So, if you catch any problem, you can surely claim its warranty without any worries.

Wrap up

One thing is common in all of these paddles: they offer you a tremendous range of features. So, pick the one among these best kayak paddles that are most suited to your style of paddling.

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