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Best Light To Ultralight Canoe Solutions

Lightweight Canoe

Canoeing is a unique water sport that allows us to explore and appreciate nature in ways we never thought possible. To get to that state of bliss, however, we need to get through many mundane obstacles such as packing and transporting our canoes. These activities can be very tiresome unless we are lucky enough to have lightweight canoe. Here is our breakdown of the best lightweight canoes you can purchase.

What is a lightweight canoe?

Depending on the materials and the length, most canoes will weigh between 80 and 120lbs. The weight of your canoe matters a lot, especially if you use it often. Carrying a heavy boat on your head back and forth will not only put a lot of strain on your body, but it also is not fun.

Transporting your canoe is an important aspect of your recreational trip. Is the roof rack sturdy enough to support your canoe? Are you able to lift the canoe without injuring yourself? Not everyone is made for heavy lifting. This is where light and ultralight canoes step in.

Light canoes weigh less than 80lbs, while ultralight canoes weigh 55lbs at most. These canoes tend to be made from fiberglass, aluminum, or polyethylene. There is a special type of Kevlar canoes that are 20% lighter than fiberglass canoes.

Best light Solo canoe

Our favorite among the solo canoes out there is the Old Town Canoe Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Canoe.

Weighing a mere 56 lbs, this canoe is a real breeze to carry. It is 11’9″ long and 32.5″ wide. The canoe features an adjustable backrest, padded armrests, and a kayak-style contoured seat for the ultimate comfort. The built-in cup holder is just the cherry on top.

This canoe is specially made with lone travelers in mind. Its design makes it easy to grab and go. The lightweight portability makes it very easy to use and transport. The canoe has fitted rod holders and comes in a beautiful camouflage design, which makes it an excellent option for fishers, waterfowl hunters, and anglers.

Best lightweight tandem canoe

No kayak can beat the features of the ultralight Wenonah Escapade Canoe – Kevlar Ultralight. Weighing only 41lbs., this tandem canoe is made with the composite Kevlar fiber, also used in the manufacturing of bulletproof vests and aerospace materials. Completed with aluminum plating and the ultralight Wenonah hull, this canoe turns out to be not only ultralight but also sturdy and durable.

This canoe measures 16′ 6″ in length and 33.5″ in width, which makes it perfect for smaller paddlers. It can be turned into a solo canoe, thanks to the option to add a center seat. Owing to its lightness and compact size, the Wenonah Escapade Canoe is a good fit for efficient distance paddling.

Best light inflatable tandem canoe

Inflatable canoes tend to have their upsides and downsides, but one thing about them is certain – they are lightweight. The best example of a light inflatable tandem canoe is The Gumotex Palava.
This canoe weighs a mere 37lbs and can be pumped up in a matter of seconds. It is made from super-tough Nitrilon and comes with its own 80-liter dry bag that can be used to store gear and equipment.

Although the Gumotex Palava is so lightweight, it has the capacity to fit up to 529lbs. The Palava features two wooden seats that have to be attached to the canoe before pumping. The boat can fit up to three people thanks to its optional third seat.

This canoe has been designed with stability in mind. Its low freeboard reduces windage, while the straight tracking hull ensures that the paddlers can relax and enjoy the ride.

Best light three-person canoe

If you want a light canoe that can fit three people, look no further than the Minnesota 3 20′ Tripper. This canoeing solution is ideal for trips to the lake with the family. With a total weight of 55lbs, this boat allows for carefree portage and transportation.

The material used for this boat is the very light and durable Kevlar fiber. This makes the canoe sturdy and fast. In fact, this canoe is known for its great performance – it travels faster with less effort from the paddlers.

Wrap up on lightweight canoe

We hope you have enjoyed this list of light and ultralight canoe options. Weight is an important aspect to consider when choosing the right canoe. A lightweight one is going to make transportation and carrying easier, allowing you to enjoy your day trip even more.

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