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Best Sailing Canoes and Where to Get Them

Finding the best sailing canoe is sometimes a challenge for anglers, especially beginners. But you can make the right choice once you read this article. We have mentioned four of the best canoes that provide you plenty of features. All of the following mentioned canoes offer you a splendid sailing experience.

Old Town Saranac 146 Canoe 2021

When you are searching for a sailing canoe, Old Town Saranac 146 Canoes 2021 is the one of the best option for you. Of course, there are several reasons for it. First, Old Town is one of the most popular and oldest canoes manufacturers that provide high-quality and durable canoes. This canoe is also one of the best they offer to sailors. It comes with two contoured seat belts that contain a bench seat and seat backs.

Not to mention, these canoes’ paddles are better than most recreational canoes in the market. Additionally, the bench seat of these amazing canoes contains a covered storage compartment for keeping items like mobiles. If you are a person who always looks for additional features, then you must know that the bench seat includes rod holders, cup holders, and storage trays to make your experience overwhelming. It just offers you more versatility and convenience. Lastly, it also has black vinyl gunwales and comfortable molded-in stern and bow carry handles.

Esquif Canoes Huron 15 Touring Canoe

This is another great option for anyone who is looking for the best sailing canoe. Esquif needs no introduction, thanks to its popularity in the sailing world. These manufacturers have an objective to offer products that have fine and durable quality. This is why Esquif canoes have a long lifespan compared to others. When we talk about this Esquif Canoes Huron 15 Touring Canoe, you will get many features and benefits. This is ideal for recreational and cottagers canonists. The best part is that it has a lower profile that reduces its weight. This way, you can easily paddle it in breezy conditions.

This canoe is made from T-Formex, which is a laminated material that helps to make the canoe resistant to heavy impacts and abrasions. Not to mention, the T-Formex is lither than polythene and stronger than fiberglass, which makes it easy to handle. This canoe also has a contoured ash yoke, vinyl trim, and thwart. Additionally, you will get two seats with it, which offers you a relaxing and secure position in the canoe. Hence, you will not get tired while sitting on it.

Nova Craft Canoe Prospector 15

If you have any know-how about the best sailing canoes, you must have heard about Nova Craft. Yes, it’s true that all canoes that we have mentioned offer amazing features, but Nova Craft has something different for sailors. Just look into their Nova Craft Prospect 15; this canoe offers you plenty of features that many manufacturers fail to provide. It is an ideal option for the paddlers who want a tripping boat but don’t want to have extra volume. Not to mention, its extraordinary responsiveness makes this canoe a fine tandem playboat.

This canoe is made of composite material, known as TuffStuff, which is made from innegra fibers and basalt. This element aims to provide you a lightweight canoe that you can easily handle on the extended flat-water. Besides that, you also get a durable and fine quality canoe. This canoe also has aircraft-grade black anodized aluminum gunwales, which offer you toughness and a beautiful appearance. Nova Craft is also best for people who are looking for a canoe that requires less maintenance. Lastly, it also has a symmetrical hull and shallow arch bottom that help you sail the canoe.

Nova Craft Canoe Cronje 17

This is another excellent and amazing creation of Nova Craft that comes with a plethora of features and characteristics. The manufacturers of these canoes have made sure Cronje is reliable and fast when sailing across the sea. People who are more inclined to visual aesthetics can purchase these canoes, as it has an eye-appealing design. Additionally, Nova Craft Cronje 17 is suitable for paddlers who want to challenge open and big water by covering large distances. The excellent training and fast lines offer you an enjoyable experience.

It also has a lower profile that offers you less wind drag. In addition to it, this canoe also provides you a lower weight on the portage trail. As mentioned above, this canoe has the composition of the TuffStuff, which gives it a shield to prevent corrosion and damages. And it is the primary reason for its durability and longevity. It also has aircraft-grade black anodized aluminum gunwales, which offer you sleek-looks, lightweight, and toughness. Another benefit of aluminum gunwales is that they are maintenance-free and last forever. Other features you will get from this canoe are a slight rocker, fast entry lines, a symmetrical hull, and shallow arch bottom.

Wrap up

You can choose any of the sailing canoe mentioned above that suit your preferences and way of sailing. Before buying any of them, just make sure to think about what you want from your canoe. Are you looking for the looks? Or do you want durability? After considering every factor, you can pick any of these.

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