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Best Swift Canoes: Our Review

Swift Canoe

Swift is one of the most popular and high-quality companies aiming to provide excellent equipment to water sports lovers. Swift started manufacturing swift canoe in 1984 with the objective to provide ultimate light touring, recreational, and tripping boats to fulfill paddler’s requirements. They started producing canoes and kayaks that incorporate innovative and unique technologies to give the users an optimal performance.

Each canoe of this brand has a conceptual design so that people can use canoes and kayaks for every purpose. The best part is they conduct extensive research for manufacturing each of their products. This is because Swift thinks that to complete the consumers’ needs, they must know about the common problems of the paddlers. Hence, they ensure to offer solutions through their products.

The company is known for a wide variety of products, including kayaks, pack boats, and canoe. You will find many variations of all of these three products that allow you to pick the one suited to your needs. In this post, we have mentioned some best canoes you can purchase from this company. Let’s discuss them.

Best Swift Canoes

Swift has five different categories containing several canoes: classic, touring, combi, solo, and river touring. We have mentioned one best canoe from each of these categories so that you can get an idea of what you will get once you buy them.

Prospector 15

This canoe comes in the classic category of the Swift brand. It has a symmetrical design, which allows the tandem paddlers and solo trippers to easily and effectively paddle their canoes. Surprisingly, Prospector 15 will be stable and smooth if you use it for tandem purposes. Additionally, it will be maneuverable and quick if you use it as a solo canoe.

Its optimal load range is 300 to 550 lbs and has an industry capacity of 900 lbs. Apart from this, you will get a symmetrical hull shape, which helps you to control your canoe easily. It also offers you some standard options like contour yoke and contour seats.

Keewaydin 16

This one comes in the touring category and offers you some unique features and specs. For instance, Keewaydin 16 features every spec that canoe trippers can prefer. It offers you narrower paddling stations, lowered seat position, and a sleeker hull shape. This canoe is excellent for lightweight adventurous water trips. Not to mention, if you want to get on adventurous solo trips, you need to give a shot to this canoe.
In addition to its ability to get on long journeys, it also has mid-range weight capacity and length. You also get multi-functional tripping features with it. Besides, it comes with some standard options like contour yoke and contour seats. Its optimal load range is 300 to 575 lbs, and industry capacity is 950 lbs. The asymmetrical hull shape complements the ample features of this Keewaydin 16.

Prospector 15 Combi

As of its name, this canoe comes in the category of the combi canoes of the Swift. You can use Prospector 15 for both tandem and solo purposes, as you can adjust it from a maneuverable and quick canoe to stable and smooth tandem. Besides featuring some excellent features, its design, shape, and color will make you fall for it. The solo tripping purpose has a center seat fitted into the balance point to give you efficient and quick control of your boat.

You can also add a detachable yoke, which will help make your portaging efficient and quick. Furthermore, paddlers who love to get on solo trips and need great volume and space can take advantage of this canoe. On the other hand, if you are more like a tandem tripper who wants multiple options in their canoes, you will also feel delighted after using it. Lastly, its load range is between 300 to 550 lbs, and industry capacity is 900.

Cruiser 16.8

Cruiser 16.8 is the best Swift canoe of all, and it falls in the category of solo canoes. It has a touch of Swift’s signature designs, which offers you a significant tumblehome and several features. You can use it for several purposes, including water trips, marathon racing, and recreational activities. The Cruise 16.8 offers you great speed, impressive tracking, and amazing seaworthiness.

The stylish design and durable body are perfect for those who want a touch of beauty in their canoe. Additionally, its optimal load range is great, which falls between 180 and 320 lbs. It has an industry capacity of 475 lbs and an asymmetrical hull shape.

Dumoine (River)

This canoe is one of the best products in the category of River Touring. The Dumoine Swift canoe is a creation of the designer John Winters. Moreover, it has all the splendid and necessary performance features and characteristics that a paddler craves for. It is sleeker and lighter in shape.

You can get the standard option with these canoes like contour ash yoke and contour ash seats. Apart from this, it has a 400 to 650 lbs optimal load range and 1050 lbs of industry capacity. Lastly, you can also enjoy the benefits of asymmetrical hull shape.

Wrap up

So, now you may understand why Swift canoes are popular among canoe users. The primary reason for it is their range of products that allow every type of paddler to pick the one according to their paddling style. Not to mention, these choices also allow you to purchase the one according to your purpose. For instance, you can go for their solo canoes if you want to participate in the marathon. Go for the river tour if you only want to take a canoe on a water voyage.

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