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Find The Best Native Kayak For Your Needs

If you are searching for the best native kayak, then you are in the right place. We have mentioned some of the most durable and high-quality kayaks that can make your fishing time one of the best and memorable experiences. So, spare a few minutes and read on.

Slayer Propel Max 12.5

Slayer Propel Max is an ideal kayak that offers you plenty of amazing features and specs. You can use this kayak for whatever reason you want. Slayer Propel Max 12.5 offers you ultra-comfortable, elevating, and adjustable seating. So, if you want to spend a full day in the water, it will help you relax and enjoy yourself. Additionally, this kayak is the updated version of the Slayer Propel 13. This means it not only offers the features of Slayer Propel 13, but you also get some additional and improved specs.

It comes with an extended rudder for turning and tracking efficiencies. This helps you easily sail your kayak in the water and take it wherever you want. You can also take advantage of its horizontal rod storage, which helps you fix your rod easily. Plus, this Slayer Propel Max 12.5 has a transducer recess in the hull. You can take this kayak to offshore salt, freshwater environments, and inshore salt. It is one of the most common choices to get a great variety of kayak anglers. Lastly, it comes in different colors like a grey goose, copperhead, gator green, and hidden oak.

Falcon 11

Falcon 11 is another ideal kayak for people looking for a kayak that can offer them every feature. This native kayak, Falcon 11, offers you a high and low seating mechanism. This means it comes with adjustable height features that you can set according to your preferences. Furthermore, this wonderful kayak is a super stable, affordable, and extremely beautiful kayak. It comes with a compact fishing machine that works exceptionally great. You can catch plenty of fishes in a short span of time with the help of this machine. This kayak also offers you ample stability and excellent tracking that makes it best for both professional and beginner fishers.

It also features a console with a battery and stand-up pads to make your experience less worrisome and more delightful. Falcon 11 also has transducer supper access, dual flush-mounted rod holders, and ample groove track. Another noteworthy characteristic is its weight. This kayak has a low, fully rigged weight, which helps you to drag it in and out of water according to your need. What’s more? Well, if you are looking for a highly durable and rigid kayak, then this should be your choice. Lastly, it comes in grey, orange, and venom color.

Ultimate FX 12

Ultimate FX 12 is a hybrid fishing kayak that provides you with easy loading and sturdy standing stability feature. You can use it as an alternative to canoes because of its specs. It also comes with the fore and aft multi settings of seats. These seats come with the features of high and low seating arrangements as well as proper trim positions that allow you to paddle your kayak in extreme winds. Not to mention, you can also lift and relocate the settings of seats to paddle them in the high sight casting positions.

The redesigned tunnel hull offers you more comfort with unmatched and standing stability. Moreover, this kayak is suitable for lakes, bays, and slow-moving rivers. You might be surprised to know that its canoe-like cockpit offers you the ease of unloading and loading. Because of this ability, it is best for hunting, fishing, and camping expeditions. It offers you a seat base with cup holder and storage, stern storage and open bow, adjustable foot braces, tight line anchor trolley, and padded carry handles. Lastly, you also have two color options, which are grey goose and gator green.

Titan Propel 13.5

Titan Propel 13.5 is the last native kayak on our list. This kayak may seem a bit larger than others, but it offers you unmatched stability. If you are searching for kayaks with ample room to move your legs flexibly, this is an ideal choice. Not to mention, it has an excellent option for sight casting and offers you plenty of leverage to reel in the catch. You can also take advantage of its easy-to-reach rod storage, which is designed horizontally and gives rod tip protection. Its elevated seating arrangements aim to provide you a way to transition between sitting and standing. This is why you don’t feel strain and pain in your legs.

The best part is that you can move the seats out of your way to make it a walk-around deck. This Titan Propel 13.5 also incorporates an interior foam layer that increases stiffness and flotation for performance safety. Apart from this, this kayak also provides you two stern power pole mounts to increase stability and dual anchoring. Its fully rigged weights are not too heavy. You can easily manage its transportation if you want to take it somewhere with you. Besides, you can also find it in various colors like gator green, copperhead, and hidden oak.

Wrap Up

You can opt for any of the native kayaks mentioned in this article. If you are thinking of looking for other options, make sure to choose a native kayak with all the necessary features that you will need while fishing. For instance, it should have a high-quality fishing machine installed on it for the best fishing experience.



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