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5 Different Inflatable Canoe And Kayak Types

Inflatable Canoe

So, you have decided to take up canoeing or kayaking. You are doing your research on canoes and kayaks, but you quickly find out that you don’t have the space nor the budget to get one. These boats can be bulky, difficult to carry, and to top it all off – expensive. Don’t be discouraged; there is a solution to all of this – the inflatable canoe and kayak. We have compiled a quick and thorough guide on the different types of inflatables, so keep reading if you want to find out more.

1. Inflatable fishing kayaks

Inflatable fishing kayaks can be both sit-in and sit-on-top. As fishing requires long periods of waiting, these kayaks tend to be designed with comfort in mind. Some of the features you can expect from a fishing kayak are raised padded seats, adjustable backrests, drink holders, specially designed storage space, fishing rod holders, etc.

Inflatable fishing kayaks tend to be longer so they can give the paddler more legroom. They can easily fold up and fit into a backpack. This makes them perfect if you want to go on a fishing trip with a larger group of people. Yaks like these tend to weigh no more than 25lbs while being 10-12 feet long.

Take a look at this STAR Challenger Sit-On-Top Inflatable Kayak if you want to find an excellent inflatable fishing kayak.
inflatable kayak

2. Inflatable river running kayaks

River running is a type of white water sport that entails navigating fast running water and rapids. Inflatable river running kayaks need to be durable. According to some, inflatable yaks are better for white water conditions as they can bounce off rocks.

Depending on their construction, river running yaks will be able to handle either Class III or Class IV running water. These kayaks often feature self-bailing floors with holes for water drainage. With such kayaks, you won’t have to bail out the water manually if the boat fills up with water.

If you want a good white water kayak, we suggest that you take a look at the Aquaglide McKenzie 125 Inflatable Kayak. It is a two-person kayak that has four mesh drains for rapid water evacuation, meaning you won’t have to worry about draining the water from the yak.

3. Canoe style inflatables

Canoe style inflatable boats are your best bet if you want to paddle with a partner for longer periods of time. They tend to be larger with plenty of storage space. A common feature of inflatable canoes is their raised seat, which sometimes has to be attached to the inflatable body of the boat.

One of the differences between inflatable canoes and kayaks is that the paddles for canoeing are one-sided.

An excellent example of an inflatable canoe is this Gumotex Palava canoe. It weighs just 17kg and can easily fit in a backpack for easy portage. This canoe is very easy to assemble thanks to its three inflatable sections. The Gumotex Palava is a trustworthy and durable inflatable that won’t disappoint.
Gumotex Palava

4. Inflatable Open Ocean kayaks

Despite their appearance and low weight, inflatable kayaks are extremely sturdy and durable. Some of them are suited for open ocean water conditions. Such kayaks have to be able to handle waves in order to be safe.

Open ocean inflatable kayaks often feature rigid high-pressure air floors. Most are also self-bailing, meaning they are equipped with special holes for draining the water from the inside of the yak. Some kayaks feature a skeg (fin) that helps with navigating through currents and rough waters.

The Sea Eagle 385FT FastTrack Deluxe Solo Inflatable Kayak is a great open ocean yak that is bound to impress with its performance and durability.
inflatable kayak

5. Inflatable recreational kayaks

Recreational kayaks are the most popular type of yaks among both beginners and advanced paddlers. Inflatable recreational kayaks are a great way to make your trip to the lake or river easier. You only have to throw the yak in the trunk of the car and inflate it right before launching it in the water.

The Aquaglide Chinook 120XL is a two-person inflatable kayak that is bound to gain your approval. It has a stiff floor and extra storage space to fit all of your gear.
Chinook 120

Wrap up

There are inflatable canoes and kayaks for all kinds of paddling. These boats offer many advantages, such as easier portage and transportation. We hope that the information in this article will help you decide if inflatable kayaks and canoes are the right pick for you.

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