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2020 Guide To The Best Inflatable Kayaks For Fishing

Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Many fishing enthusiasts are confident that inflatable yaks are the best option when it comes to fishing kayaks. However, a quick look on the internet will let you realize that it’s not easy to find the best inflatable fishing kayak. They come in different shapes and sizes, making it challenging to figure out which one will suit your needs.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This article presents to you a list of the best inflatable fishing kayaks your money can buy.

What Are The Advantages Of Inflatable Kayaks For Fishing?

Inflatable kayaks have numerous advantages if you’re considering to use them for fishing:

  • Unsinkable: Practically, inflatable kayaks are unsinkable. They remain afloat because of their multiple air chambers. Even if one of the air chambers is punctured, the rest of the air chambers will keep the kayak afloat.
  • Stability: Due to the broader and flatter base, inflatable kayaks also offer incredible stability. For this, you should make sure to inflate the air chambers well enough.
  • Durability: You might think inflatable kayaks are fragile, but these days, top-quality inflatable kayaks are virtually puncture-proof. PVC and Hypalon are the most common materials that make inflatable kayaks so durable.
  • Affordable: Despite their fantastic features, they are also affordable and a great option if you’re looking for a kayak that won’t break the bank.

BOTE 12’4 Rackham Aero Inflatable SUP 2019

With a superb design and plenty of features, this inflatable kayak from BOTE is a must-have for every lover of the outdoors. You can easily fold it up and take the unit anywhere, making it a perfect option if you like taking your kayak to several spots in one session.

For increased stability and capacity, the Rackham Aero features a unique two-chamber design, flat bottom, and thick rails. The AeroBOTE inflatable technology ensures that it’ll survive the harshest of environments ensuring your safety when you’re on the water.

Star Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak 2021

Star Pike is a reputable company, and the Inflatable Fishing Kayak 2021 is an impressive product that will not disappoint. With easy transportability and a super-lightweight design, you’ll have no trouble fishing even in remote areas.

For unmatched stability and tracking, this unit incorporates unique rigid keel inserts in the stern and bow. The kayak features an aluminum-framed, suspended-mesh seat to make it easier for you to stand up and have the best visibility. There is also a stern compartment to accompany a tackle bag or milk crate.

Advanced Elements StraitEdge Angler Pro Inflatable Kayak

The StraitEdge Angler Pro Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements offers first-class durability and stability for anglers. With a solid drop stitch floor construction and a wide beam, you can comfortably stand on this unit and reel in your catch. Thanks to the multiple air chambers and the multi-layer material, this unit is durable enough for the harshest conditions.

Fitted with an AirFrame Pro seat with mesh paneling, this fishing kayak provides incredible comfort and support. Even if you use it for long hours, you won’t feel weary or tired.

Star Rival Inflatable Fishing Kayak 2021

The Star Rival Inflatable Fishing Kayak 2021 makes your fishing adventures comfortable and convenient. With first-class Leafield C7 inflation valves, the side tubes inflate to 3 PSI, and the floor inflates to 8 PSI. Because of its collapsible seatback, this unit offers seamless transportability.

The suspended-mesh seat has an aluminum frame that makes it easy for the kayaker to stand up and enjoy better visibility. Not only does this inflatable fishing kayak sport bow and stern daisy chains, but it also provides plenty of rigging options such as ones for attaching anchor locks, fish finders, and rod holders.

Intex Challenger Kayak Series

If you want a reliable fishing kayak, this product from Intex is a fantastic option. Despite the low price tag, it features heavy-duty puncture-resistant vinyl that will ensure durability and safety in rough waters. It features a massive cockpit with an inflatable seat providing comfort for long journeys. It also comes with a cargo net for storage.

This kayak is very easy to use, and thanks to the Boston valve, you can inflate and deflate it in a matter of minutes. It also features high-buoyancy side chambers, an inflatable I-beam floor, and a low-profile design for increased stability and comfort.


Investing in a durable and efficient vessel is a great way to make sure you will enjoy fishing in a kayak. The inflatable units mentioned above are all excellent choices and come with tons of features to make your kayaking experience comfortable and efficient.

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