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5 Must-Visit Spots For Paddle Boarding In Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Paddle Boarding

For paddleboarders, Lake Tahoe offers some of the most stunning views in the world. Tucked beneath the snow-covered mountain, Lake Tahoe is a paradise for paddling. A trip to the lake will not only allow you to enjoy its scenic beauty, but it will also provide you with a full-body workout. Among the many spots, there are a few that truly stand out. This article will introduce you to the best sites for your Lake Tahoe paddle boarding trip.

Carnelian Bay

Most paddleboarders will agree that this spot is one of the best locations in Lake Tahoe. A parking lot is located right by the shore, making it a super convenient spot to launch your paddleboard. Not just that, but it boasts stunning views of the gigantic mountains, a beautiful beach, a restaurant, and a rental shack.

If you’re thinking of paddleboarding in Carnelian Bay in the summer, we recommend that you get there early as it gets busy fast, and you might have to park on the street. If you require rental equipment, advice on where to go, or some snacks, Waterman’s Landing is nearby. For paddling, if you veer right, you can reach Tahoe City, or you can go left to land on King’s Beach.

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Cave Rock

During a calm day, Cave Rock is a sight to behold. From the water, you can view how massive and magnificent the Sierra Nevada mountains are. The location has a public beach that boasts a great launching site. You can set up a base camp at the sandy cove down south, and if you want to paddle, you can move north to towards Glenbrook. It’s best to start early in the morning or in the evening as the winds can be quite strong near the east shore.

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D.L. Bliss State Park

Situated on the western shores, D.L Bliss State Park is another fantastic spot for paddleboarding in Lake Tahoe. With stunning beaches, family-friendly campsites, and hiking trails, this spot is trendy and routinely frequented by tourists and locals alike.

Lester Beach is a hotspot, and generally, people move towards Meeks Bay or Emerald Bay from there. If you happen to arrive early, you can hit the trails or visit other enthralling points like the Rubicon Point Lighthouse, Calawee Cove, or the Balancing Rock.

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Echo Lakes

The Upper and Lower Echo Lakes are must-visit spots situated near Tahoe South. One of the most beautiful parts of the Lower Echo Lakes are the magnificent scenic walls of granite and densely covered trees. Both the Lower and Upper Echo lakes host summer cabins around their shoreline, but they are only reachable by water.

If you paddle the furthest from the Upper Echo Lake, you can reach Desolation Wilderness, which has the finest trails. Before you launch, you’ll have to get your gear examined by an attendant, and there’s also a $5 launch fee.

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Emerald Bay

The stunning Emerald Bay is one of the most iconic spots in Lake Tahoe. Launching is possible from any South Lake Tahoe public beach, but if you want free parking, you’ll have to do it from Kiva Beach. To your left, you can reach Mount Tallac and its infamous snowcross. If you head towards the right, you’ll see the Heavenly Mountain Resort.

Things to keep in mind

By mid-day, the waters can get rough and, so make sure you follow the shoreline. Its highly recommended that you paddle during the evening or early mornings. If you want to travel around Emerald Bay and Fannette Island, it’ll be about 7 miles.

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For paddleboarders, Lake Tahoe is a paradise with lots of hidden gems. Ensure that you have a suitable paddleboard and all the appropriate gear for a safe and fun time on the water. It will make your lake tahoe paddle boarding trip unforgettable.

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