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The Top Places For Paddle Boarding In San Diego

Paddle Boarding San Diego

San Diego is synonymous with surfing and sunbathing, but it’s also a hot-spot for paddle boarding. With friendly locals and warm weather all year round, it’s a must-visit for paddle boarding enthusiasts.

You’ll love the calm waters, and its SUP yoga scene is booming every single year. However, there’s a downside. You might never want to leave! For paddleboarding in San Diego, this article is a must-read.

Mission Bay

At Mission Bay, you’ll have plenty of fun things to do. The spot has plenty of space, and most of the time, the water is calm, making it especially suitable for beginners. If you want to test the calm waters, mornings and evenings are the best times to be there.

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In the afternoon, Mission Bay usually fills with boats and jet skis. That’s not all; you can start your day with a fun time at Belmont Park, workout at Fit Gym, and grab some yummy snacks. It’s a place you’ll never want to leave.

Del Mar Dog Beach

If you have a furry friend, chances are, you’ll want to go paddleboarding with them. Del Mar Dog Beach is one of the few places where you can bring your dog along. It’s an incredible destination if you want to flatwater SUP or practice some SUP surfing. SUP surfing isn’t for everyone, but if you have the skill, it’ll be a fantastic experience, especially at Del Mar Dog Beach.

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Oceanside Harbor

Oceanside Harbor will be the perfect spot for experienced paddleboarders, thanks to the rough wind swells and ocean waves. If you have the skills and expertise to navigate through Oceanside Harbor, you can even watch some stunning whales from your SUP. There aren’t that many places to watch whales, and if you’re lucky, you might even notice some whales breaching from a distance. You can also savor some delicious seafood.

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La Jolla Cove

If you’re on the hunt for that insta-worthy picture, LA Jolla Cave won’t disappoint you. The majestic scenery surrounded by bat rays, jellyfish, sea lions, sea turtles, and other stunning marine creatures makes it the perfect spot for taking some snaps. For beginners, follow the Cove’s calm SUP routes for a comfortable trip, and if you’re more experienced, you can take on the Cove’s infamous caves. La Jolla Cove has something for everyone, and for paddleboarders, it’s heaven on earth.

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Lake San Marcos

If the beaches are all fogged in, you can consider going inland to a place like Lake San Marcos. The weather is warm, and you’ll surround yourself with calm water and stunning green hills.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, you’ll undoubtedly love paddleboarding at this spectacular spot. However, there aren’t that many paddleboard rentals, so make sure to bring your own equipment. After paddleboarding, if you want to get more exercise, you can go hiking at Double Peak.

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Shelter Island Shoreline Park

Shelter Island Shoreline Park is a hidden gem located in point Loma, San Diego. Watching the beautiful sunrise or the romantic sunset from your paddleboard is something you must experience at least once in your lifetime, and Shelter Island Shoreline Park makes that a possibility.

The park is just a short distance from the airport, and there are a plethora of places for you to paddleboard. Afterward, you can grab some pizza from Pizza Nova-oh, or if you want some burritos, you can try Ortiz in Point Loma.

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Tourmaline Surf Park

For paddleboarders wanting to take their SUP surfing skills to the next level, Tourmaline Surf Park, located in Northern Pacific Beach, is a hot-spot. The waves are mild, so you have plenty of opportunities to practice.

This place is also known for having a friendly crowd, so there’s a high chance you’ll make a new SUP-loving friend. However, being a popular destination, it can get jam-packed very soon. There are also plenty of rentals around, making it a convenient destination for SUP-ing.

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Coronado Tidelands Park

If you want to paddleboard through the heart of San Diego, Coronado Tidelands Park is the place to be. When you pass through the Coronado bridge from your SUP, you’ll be able to see the baseball stadium, the stunning San Diego skyline, and the famous Hotel Del Coronado as well.

The waters there are calm, so it’s perfect for any paddleboarding level and particularly for family paddling outings; it’s. To get to this spot, it’s just a five-minute drive from downtown San Diego, and there are plenty of SUP rentals around.

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Conclusion on paddle boarding in San Diego

There are so many paddle boarding hot-spots in San Diego that one visit certainly won’t be enough. Bring your best boards and gear, and you’re sure to have a fun time on the water.


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