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Your Ultimate Guide To Rogue River Rafting

Rogue River Rafting

The Rogue River has numerous thrilling spots suited for rafting enthusiasts. Located in Southern Oregon, the Rogue River attracts hundreds of boaters each year thanks to its stunning landscape, weather, various rapids, side hikes, and camps. You’ll have so much to do that one trip simply won’t be enough. Here’s everything you need to know about Rogue River rafting.

Tyee Rapid

Tyee Rapid is an excellent spot for the start of day two or the end of day 1 of your trip. You can go river rafting and set up camp afterward, as this fun rapid also features perfect camps upstream and downstream.

Tyee rapid is an excellent choice, especially if you’re coming as part of a big group. Not just that, it’s also a fantastic site if you want to engage in stargazing or capture some stunning night shots. You can go for an adventure in the thrilling rapids and end up at Lower Black Bar Falls.

Grave Creek Bridge

Grave Creek Bridge is highly suitable for beginners. It is at the start of the Rogue River Trail, and it weaves along the stunning river providing you with easy access to some hiking spots while you’re on a river trip. However, the boat ramp can get super busy, so keep in mind that you won’t have much room to unload your gear.

If you don’t want to deal with a lot of traffic, you’ll find some boat ramps upstream. When you float under the bridge, look out for the intriguing swallow nests. Grave Creek Bridge has so much to offer that you’ll want to keep coming back.

Mule Creek Canyon

This canyon is a hot favorite among many rafters. However, it is not suitable for beginners as the rough river can be challenging to maneuver. This spot is will provide you with a fantastic opportunity if you want to work on oar management. If you’re going to take on Mule Creek canyon, you must keep your boat straight and move forward.

If you’re a part of a group, you should spread out a little as there’s a chance you’ll come to a halt after hitting an eddy line. You won’t have much time to eddy out, so ensure that there’s some extra distance between the rafts at all times. When you float through this stunning canyon, make sure that you look up to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Rainey Falls

If you have the skills and technique, Rainey Falls can provide you with the time of your life. You can pull over the river left, so you can walk down a bit if you want to scout the rapid.

Beginner rafters tend not to go for the main falls, but you can try them out if you have the expertise. For large, heavy gear boats, the mid chute is the best option once the water reaches 3,000 cos or lower.

However, it takes a lot of precision to navigate through the rocky entrance. Fish ladder alongside the river banks is the most popular line. If you want to take on this ladder, enter straight and move forward.

Blossom Bar

If you want to enjoy a long rafting session, Blossom Bar is a must-visit. It is one of the longest rapids on the river and will put your skills to the test. If you want to scout, pull over on the right river bank. Going on a short walk will offer you a spectacular view of the entire rapid. If the water drops below 3000 CFS, your boat can quickly wrap, perch and even flip on the picket fence.

At 4000 CFS, the right side of the rapid becomes tricky to navigate. The water moves fast, so you must look out for rocks. If you’re interested, the Rogue River Trail is nearby, so it’ll easy for you to walk around the rapid.

Flora Dell

If you aren’t a big fan of rough rivers, consider going for Flora dell. The calm flat stretch is a fantastic place for beginners to float, and if you’re interested, you can also try stand up paddleboarding.

The landscape is stunning and makes Flora Dell a beautiful place to relax and chill. You can also visit two spectacular waterfalls; on the river right, you’ll have access to Flora dell Falls, and on the river left, you’ll see Falls Creek.


There are very few places in the world, like the Rogue River, that provide numerous rafting spots surrounded by spectacular scenery. If you’re thinking of Rogue River rafting, you should consider the places mentioned above. Remember always to have proper gear and equipment when you go river rafting.

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