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What’s The Best Canoe Rack For My Truck?

Canoe Rack For Truck

Transporting your canoe is an important step to master before getting to the water. Unlike kayaks, canoes can rarely fit in the back of your truck. Luckily, you can always use a roof rack to transport the canoes with your vehicle. There many types of truck racks and mounts that are suitable for canoes. In this guide, we will give you information the best canoe rack for your truck.

Hitch-Mount Canoe Roof Racks

Hitch mount canoe racks are best suited for trucks with shorter roofs that can’t support another type of canoe rack. This variety of rack consists of a hitch-mounted load bar that supports one end of your canoe, while the other rests on the roof of your truck.

The load bar is easily adjustable thanks to the telescopic design of the rack. To use it, you need to have a preinstalled roof rack system. If your truck doesn’t have such by default, you will need to purchase a standard one.

The prices of this canoe rack for your truck range anywhere from $100 to $500. You can find a low-budget option if you try looking for second-hand racks. The advantage of this type of canoe racks is that they are very easy to mount to the back of your truck. If you have a pick-up truck, this is the best option for you.

Thule roof racks

Thule roof racks for canoes are a great option for trucks that don’t have a preinstalled roof rack system. They are designed to attach easily to your car roof. These racks have padded cradles that provide a comfortable resting place for your canoe.

The Thule roof racks have roof brackets that can be attached to the top of the car. These brackets come with straps that secure the stern and the bow of your canoe during transportation. The straps are strong and durable so that they can protect the car from scratches. Most Thule racks can hold up to 100lbs. This makes them a great choice if you have several small or one larger canoe.

Yakima roof racks

Yakima roof racks resemble a canoe bracket that attaches directly to the factory bars on the roof of your truck. The assembly of this rack is very simple and takes only a few minutes. The Yakima rack features over-molded rubber cushions that hold the canoe gunwales. This makes the canoe more stable during transit. The racks also have rubber padding that protects your crossbars from damage and corrosion.

The Yakima roof rack is the option for you if your truck has preinstalled factory bars. The rack is universal and attaches to round, square, aerodynamic, and factory bars with a single tightening knob.

Hitch mounted extender rack

This type of rack attaches in the same way as the Hitch mounted roof rack. The extender rack, however, is considerably shorter and serves a different purpose. It is meant to extend the length of your truck bed, which can happen only while your tailgate is down.

Hitch mounted extenders are great because they allow you to put multiple canoes in the same truck bed. Of course, you will also need straps and rope to secure the canoes to your truck. Storing your canoes in the truck eliminates some of the anxiety that comes when you mount a canoe high up on the roof of your vehicle.

The biggest advantage of Hitch mounted extender racks is that they can handle up to 750lbs of loading weight. The truck bed supports part of this weight. Another advantage of these extenders is that they are very easy to attach. Loading the canoes onto the truck bed is far easier than having to lift them on top of the truck roof.

The price of a hitch-mounted extender rack is surprisingly low. You can find one for as little as $75. These racks are extremely affordable, which makes them one of the best options on this list. They do, however, have one minor disadvantage. If another car bumps the back of your truck, your canoes might suffer damage from the impact. This is an important aspect to consider if you are an inexperienced driver.

Wrap up

Owning a truck is great if you are into canoeing. This vehicle allows you to transport your canoes in a variety of ways. Depending on the type of truck, you can choose from Hitch mounted roof racks, Thule racks, Yakima, or you can go for a hitch-mounted truck bed extender. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Take the time to find the best canoe rack for your truck.

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