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Best Wooden Paddle Board

Wooden Board

Paddling in wooden water vessels has been around for centuries. The natural material was the best for making boats, canoes, kayaks, and boards. We can trace its long history back all the way to the ancient civilizations who dared to explore the vast seas of our planet. Today, ancient traditions meet modern paddleboarding to create high-quality wooden paddle boards. Here is what you should know about getting one for yourself.

Why is a wooden board better?

Unlike conventional PVC boards, wooden paddle boards contain mostly sustainable materials. The artisans who handcraft the boards draw inspiration from traditional Hawaiian designs. They use mostly Cedar, maple, and cherry wood species. Making the bulk of the boards from biodegradable materials drastically cuts down on plastic waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Making the wooden paddle boards

The manufacturing process begins with a hollow wood core that substitutes the foam used in fiberglass paddle boards. Wooden paddle boards don’t need as much epoxy or fiberglass, further minimizing the harmful impact on the environment.

The rigid structure of the board comes to life after the manufacturers glue wooden panels on top of the core. After this, they sand the wooden pieces to form the sleek and elegant design of the board. They then laminate the board by covering it in resin that keeps it waterproof while protecting the wood from water damage.

How do I know a good wooden board from a bad one?

A quality wooden paddle board has to be durable and waterproof. The first thing you need to look at when buying one are the wood species. A lower grade of wood won’t be as long-lasting as Cedar. It is also important to know what the type of laminating material is. Epoxy resin or fiberglass coatings will make the board more durable and less prone to damage.

The Tower Classic Wood

The Tower Classic Wood 11’5″ is a good example of a quality wooden board. It is a lightweight and durable board you can use in flat water and small surf-friendly environments. It can support up to 350lbs of weight, which means that it can fit an adult with a kid.
wooden paddle board

The brand

The construction of this impressive board makes it highly functional. Tower, the brand manufacturing the board, is a known leader in the production of SUP boards. They use a molded sandwich construction technique that consists of layering different materials.


A generous coating of fiberglass covers the hand-shaped EPS serving as the core of the board. On top of the first fiberglass layer, you can find panels of veneer wood. As a finishing touch, the manufacturers add an additional layer of fiberglass that encloses the board.

Technical specifications

This classic wooden SUP board is incredibly lightweight for its size. It weighs only 32lbs while being 11’5″ long and 31″ wide. Despite its weight, the board has a hefty volume of 235 liters. It is a good thing to keep in mind that a bigger volume means better flotation and glide.

What can I use it for?

A hardboard such as this one is a great choice for those who want speed and high performance. Apart from flatwater paddling, the Tower Classic wood can double as an excellent surfing board. You needn’t worry if you don’t know where you will use it. This paddle board has two different fin configurations that will provide you with some much-needed flexibility.

Premium design

Apart from being highly efficient, the board is also visually appealing. The veneer wood will add character to any room’s décor. The brand logo adds to the beauty of the board while the redwood markings at both ends make for an interesting design.

As a whole, the Tower Classic Wood board is a stable and functional piece of equipment that never disappoints. It has all of the features of a premium paddle board. On top of all, having veneer wood as its primary material makes it friendly to the environment. What more can you want from a paddle board?

Wrap up on wooden paddle boards

Wooden paddle boards are products of the skilled artisans who desire to continue the tradition of making water vessels from wood. These boards differ immensely from conventional PVC boards. A good wooden board will be like no other. Its uniqueness and functionality are qualities desired by many modern paddlers.

A good wooden board like the Tower Classic SUP will transform the way you think about paddle boards. It offers beauty, stability, and a high-performance ride all in one. With this board disappointment is not on the menu.


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