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The Yolo Paddle Board Review

Yolo Paddle Boards

Yolo Paddle Board marked its inception in 2007. Its founder, Jeff Archer’s love for paddleboarding forced him to create this brand. The story began when Jeff first time went paddleboarding in the water in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. He got so much overwhelmed with his experience that he decided to promote this sport. He described the experience as amazing and epic and said he couldn’t forget what he had felt that time. Thus, it led him to produce Yolo paddle boards.

When Archer started producing some great designs and products, he started to deliver these boards around Florida in a van. Because of his tremendous efforts and love for this entertaining sport, he made a brand that everyone loves and trusts. Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast proved to be the best place that helped Archer to achieve his goal. Fortunately, Archer has created a SUP accessible for everyone.

This brand is now developing a range of fine products, such as paddles, boards, bikes, and gears. Here we have mentioned some great Yolo paddle boards so that you can get an idea of what you can expect from this brand.

Carbon Fiber Race Paddle

If you want to get an amazing and effective paddle to enjoy your experience, then you need to try this Carbon Fiber Race Paddle. It offers you various features that you will not get in some other paddles. Besides, it also has a splendid design and body that will make you fall for it. This Yolo paddle board offers you top-notch quality and optimal control. Not to mention, you can also enjoy a top-of-the-line performance.

As for its name, you can use it for a marathon race. So, if you want to win your race, you surely need this paddle. It also has super lightweight, which is 17 oz, and you also get 85 spin blades as well. It offers you comfortable grip handle so that you can control it easily. You can also take advantage of its custom cut length.

2PC Adjustable Paddle

This paddle offers you a fiberglass shaft feature that allows you to use it for a long time, as this ability makes it highly durable and long-lasting. You can also take advantage of its plastic blade, which promotes optimal performance. So, if you want to get full control of your board, this 2PC adjustable paddle can help you. Additionally, it is also extremely portable and suitable for individuals of all height. Whether you are tall or too short, you can use these paddles easily and effectively.

The heavy-duty polymer blade limits the chances of it’s getting damaged easily. Moreover, it also has a palm grip that helps you to fit in your hands. This feature is amazing and limits any chances of leaving it in the water. You will be surprised to notice that this gripping feature can also help you during strokes. It also has a lightweight, which is around 30 oz. Yes, this is a perfect paddle, as you can also adjust its height from 70″ to 84″.

Adjustable Sup Paddle

This is another great Yolo paddle board that you can purchase for enjoying an amazing paddling experience. As the name suggests, Adjustable Sup Paddle allows you to adjust the paddle according to your preferences and needs, in between 70” and 84”. Fortunately, this paddle allows paddlers to focus on their paddling rather than juggling their minds from controlling paddle to balancing on board. Its lightweight fiberglass construction gives you paddles that weigh only 24oz.

The most acknowledged feature of this paddle is its scratch-resistant blade. This means no matter how tough condition your paddle faces in the water; it will not wear or tear. Its custom design is also something which everyone gets attracted to. If you want to store it in any compact place, all you need to do is to break it down into three pieces. This helps you to keep it anywhere you want instead of struggling to store it. The paddles also come with a round shaft.

Mermaid Adjustable Sup Paddle

If you are a mermaid fan, then you need this paddle. This mermaid sup paddle weighs 24oz only. It’s made from fiberglass, which gives its high quality and durability. You can also easily adjust it to 70”-84”. Like the last paddle we have mentioned, this one also has a scratch-resistant capability. You don’t need to worry about any wear and tear and can easily focus on your paddling activity.

The beautiful mermaid design complements its ample features and spaces. In addition to it, the two-piece adjustable design of this SUP allows you to easily carry it on your long trips or store it in any small space. It also comes with a round shaft, which makes sit a perfect option for the entire family.

Wrap up

In a nutshell, the Yolo brand has tried its best to incorporate every possible innovative feature in its products. The manufacturers have made all of these Yolo paddle boards, keeping the paddlers’ necessities in mind so that they can use them easily and effectively.

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